My Husband picked up a few of these rice crispy (crispies?) treats at a candy store while on a business trip here in Northern California. They have a bunch of different selections, and you can even order special birthday ones that are really cute.

Sandy, Sacramento, CA

They can be ordered online as well at, and each one is HUGE so they are reasonably priced. I can only eat a half of one per sitting, while my Husband (who doesn’t have as big of a sweet tooth) can only eat a third.

Susan, Austin, TX

I got a plain rice crispy treat with sprinkles on top. It was so good! They last for months, but still taste super fresh and are very sweet and gooey! Make sure to not put them in the fridge for it I’ll ruin the marshmallow fluff and make it inedible. My Husband had a rice crispy treat with raspberry and chocolate in the middle and my Stepdaughter had one that was covered in coconut. I tried my Husbands and it was great as well!

Karen, Seattle, WA

I am definitely looking forward to getting more treats from The Crispery!

Amanda, Chicago, IL

Absolutely delicious! I have purchased again and was not disappointed.

Larry, Los Angeles, CA

Like a carnival for your mouth!! What a fun treat. You could eat a different flavor each week for a year!!!!

Joye N., Bethesda, MD